Ron Jordan

Sad to say that Ron Jordan, whose story I told in We Fought At Arnhem died on the morning of Sunday, 10th of March.

I first met Ron when I was making the first of the documentaries about HMS Ark Royal. He was an extremely enjoyable man to spend some time with, an irrepressible raconteur with a fund of stories. He was in recent years often in pain but met life with great courage and optimism. He had a heart attack returning from his last visit to Arnhem in 2012. He was not in great shape before that, the  injury that he suffered on the Ark, and his wounds at Arnhen had returned to afflict him later life, but he was determined to make the trip, and I am sure that he was glad that he did. Ron and his comrades were the true heroes of our time, and I was proud to be able to describe  a little  of what he lived through. Read his story. You will be amazed.

  • Rip Ron Jordan, loved reading I fought at Arnhem and specifically appreciated the authors succinct summing up of the whole operation, Montys plan to strike into the Ruhr would not have worked, the German war machine was still a long way from defeat, the way they reacted at Arnhem proved that, but it was inspirational to read about Tom, Ron & Pat`s input into that battle. Thank you Mike Rossiter for this Gem of a book.


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